Iisaku Parish
Kirchspiel Isaak in Wierland

The parish belonged to the historical Virumaa County (Wierland) and consisted of 10 manors - 1 church manor, 4 knight manors (with 4 support manors) and 1 semi-manor.
    Iisaku church manor (Pastorat Isaak)
    Iisaku (Isaak) knight manor
    Kauksi (Kauks) knight manor
    Oonurme (Onorm) support manor of
    Tudulinna manor
    Permisküla (Permesküll) support manor of
    Pagari manor
    Pootsiku (Potzik) support manor of Iisaku manor
    Rannapungerja (Ranna-Pungern) support manor of
    Pagari manor
    Tudulinna (Tuddolin) knight manor
    Tärivere (Terrefer) knight manor
    Uhe (Uhhe) semi-manor, until 1874 knight manor