Lüganuse Parish
Kirchspiel Luggenhusen in Wierland

The parish belonged to the historical Virumaa County (Wierland) and consisted of 9 manors - 1 church manor and 6 knight manors with 2 support manors.
    Lüganuse church manor (Pastorat
    Aa (Haakhof) knight manor
    Erra (Erras) knight manor
    Hirmuse (Hirmus) knight manor
    Jabara (Jabbaro) support manor of
    Püssi manor
    Maidla (Wrangelstein) knight manor
    Purtse (Alt-Isenhof) support manor of
    Püssi manor
    Püssi (Neu-Isenhof) knight manor
    Saka (Sackhof) knight manor