Edise Manor
Schloß Etz in Kirchspiel Jewe, Wierland

First mentioned in 1477, the manor was a small stronghold (now destroyed) and belonged to the Tuve (von Taube) family in the Middle Ages. The main building was built in the Neo-Renaissance style in the 1860's and both this and the storehouse-dryer (now reconstructed as the White Horse Inn / Valge Hobu Trahter) have remained till today. Additional information: http://www.valgehobu.ee/inglise.htm/, valgehobu@hot.ee, tel. +372 337 0522, +372 511 3170.

By the historical distribution the manor was in Jõhvi Parish in Virumaa County. By the present administrative distribution it belongs to the Jõhvi Municipality in Ida-Virumaa County.