A hundreds of preserved outstanding historical manors are one of the most attractive sightseeings in Estonia.

At the beginning of the 20th century there were 1245 main manors. There were also 108 parsonages (church manors) and around 600 manor dairy farms – altogether over two thousand different manors. Where were they? What were they like? What has happened to them?
The aim of this portal is to describe and provide pictures about all Estonian manors. Here are also presented the German-originated historical names of the manors which have been generally abandoned since 1920-30's.

The English version of the portal currently provides a brief overview of 438 of the more interesting manors. The current text part of the portal (with some exceptions) is translated into English by the Estonian Association of Masters in Conference Interpreting and Translation by the sponsorship.

The portal is constantly updated and there will be both text and pictures about the manors that are currently missing. The Estonian version contains more than 700 manors. Hopefully the rather short texts in the English version (and same in German version) will be replaced with longer ones in the future.

The portal is equipped with the relevant maps consisting of one general map and more than a hundred historical parish maps. These maps together with the contemporary road atlas easily allow to find all manor locations.

At present, the portal contains little commercial information because publishing it takes the initiative of manor owners or managers and certain monetary contributions to the portal. The same applies to advertising services targeted at manor owners, which is also very welcome, although for a small fee.